• Ripple (XRP) is willing to pay up to $250 million in a settlement with the SEC if it publicly acknowledges that XRP is not a security.
• Exodus has added support for Cardano’s (ADA) Web3 integration, which will increase user base of Cardano (ADA).
• TMS Network (TMSN) has disrupted the market by offering an efficient way to trade various digital assets on a single platform.

Ripple (XRP) Ready To Pay Up To $250 Million For Settlement

A crypto advocate, attorney John Deaton, has opined that the SEC and Ripple (XRP) can arrive at a settlement but only on one condition. Deaton states that Ripple will pay $100-$250 million in a settlement only if the SEC publicly acknowledges that XRP is not a security. However, he said that the SEC would not agree to it, given its „war“ against Ripple (XRP). He asserted that in the ongoing legal tussle, Ripple (XRP) would easily defeat the SEC. As per the market capitalization, Ripple (XRP) is still the 6th largest cryptocurrency. The price of Ripple (XRP) has witnessed a nominal increase of 0.23% in the last seven days. However, Ripple (XRP) has declined by 8% on the monthly chart. The current trading price of Ripple (XRP) is $0.39, which is 90% below its all-time high of $3.84.

Users Of Cardano(ADA ) Increase After Exodus‘ Support

Exodus, a popular crypto wallet, has added support for the Web3 integration of Cardano(ADA ) to its extension wallet. Now , Exodus users can access Cardano’s(ADA ) dApps through their wallet . This latest development has come as a big boost for the Cardano( ADA ) community . It is expected to increase user base of Cardano( ADA ). However ,the last few days have not been favorable for Cardano( ADA ). The price of Cardano( ADA )has fallen by 3 %in last seven days . On monthly chart ,the price of cardanp( ADA )is slightly up by 1 47%. Currently ,Cardano( ADA )trades at$ 0 38 ,which is 88 %below its all-time high of 3 10.

Investors Of TMS Network Become Extremely Bullish

Revolutionizing and disrupting market ,TMS Network (TMSN )has made trading cryptocurrencies and other digital assets on single platform possible .TMS network offers an efficient way to trade variety digital assets such as Crypto Currencies ,ICO tokens and stable coins etc .The presale event was successful as investors become extremely bullish about TMS network project .The total sale amount reached 1 million dollar with 25 times higher than soft cap during presale event which clearly reflects investor enthusiasm towards this project .Current trading priceof TMS network stands at$ 0 40 while its all time high was 4 00.


Inflation , regulations and competition have made life difficultfor long standing cryptocurrencies like ripple and cardanorising inflation strict regulations and fierce competition have made life difficult for long standing cryptocurrencies such as ripple cardonowith ripple ready to pay upto 250 million dollars in settlment with sec if it publically acknowledge ripplemot xrpas nptasecurity exodus adding suport for web 3 integration cscardino ada users increasing tms network exploding for milion dollars profit press release march 1 2023 10 am gmt investors are getting bullish about these projects .